Insurance Assur'glisse
To fully enjoy your holiday with peace of mind, Its better to be insured.
Collisions between skiers, sprains, fractures, dislocations and head injuries... Alpine skiing involves many risks and each season there are a lot of accidents, between 100 and 150,000 per year. That is why the ESF 2 Alpes offers Assurglisse, to provide all the Insurance guarantees and assistance necessary in case of an accident during your stay. With Assurglisse you get the expertise of top professionals in the industry and full benefits. Piste security, reimbursement of lift passes and ambulance transportation. You are insuring your protection but also that of your family, limiting the fees that can mount high in the mountains. So for peace of mind and tranquil skiing, alone, with friends or with the family, think Assurglisse.

How to buy Assur'glisse?

What's going on in case of an accident?

Assurglisse supports spending when you use professional to help you or find you, or providing you first aid.

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