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First skiing experience for the little ones 
from 1 to 3 years old!

Before going to the kindergarten, the little ones from 1 to 3 years old can discover the joys of skiing with the Babysnow lessons under the supervision of professional instructors. The babysnow is a skiing equipment with a surfboard, a fixed handlebar at the front, a saddle and a handle controlled by the instructor.

The sessions are only available for private lessons with qualified esf instructors and will allow parents to become familiar with the Babysnow.

This activity is offered as part of the "Famille Plus" label in the resort of Les 2 Alpes.
We answer all your questions 
Do we have to rent the ski equipment?
No, the babysnow is provided by esf (subject to availability).
Please bring snow boots and a helmet.
How should I dress my child?
Warm, comfortable and waterproof jacket, overalls or ski suit. Snow shoes. Mittens instead of finger gloves. Helmet or hat. Mask or sunglasses and sun cream.
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